What is ImagineVR?

ImagineVR is an online distribution platform
with Digital Rights Management (DRM)
focusing on VR and non-VR content from Asia, Japan, and English-speaking markets.

Distribute Your VR and non-VR products in Japan

Are you a creator?
Want to sell your content in Japan?
We will handle all of your publishing needs!

Digital Rights Management (DRM) to Protect your work and boost your returns

We offer a solid client-server based DRM, file encryption and security technology to protect your content from piracy. Our technology operates on your executable files, eliminating the need for extra development.

Strong Channel Partnerships

Partnering with DLsite, Japan’s largest store for digital downloads with over 3M users, ImagineVR™ offers the following services free of charge:

  • English-to-Japanese localization
  • Promotion in Japan and Asia
  • Japanese Customer Support
  • Billing
  • Assistance with development for the Japanese market

  • Are you ready to sell your VR and non-VR content in Japan?

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