About ImagineVR Distribution Platform

ImagineVR Distribution Network

With ImagineVR's Distribution Network, you can sell your downloadable VR products
on ImagineVR store and DLsite - Japan's largest internet download store for
indie product with more than 800k users.

Characteristics of DLsite

  1. DLsite is one of Japan's largest online stores for indie digital products.
  2. DLsite has more than 54,000 registered creators / developers, approximately 440,000 registered titles, and more than 7M registered users.
  3. No limits on product size.
  4. Support for various local (yen) payments.
  5. Promotional services for your products.
  6. Accepts products in all various genres, including R18.


  • 1 > Register as a Creator

    First, you should create a Creator's Account on ImagineVR website.
    Once your application is submitted, we perform basic check on the information.
    If approved, we will send you a confirmation email.

  • 2 > Submit Your Product

    Log in with your creator's account and complete the product submission form.
    For all products submitted, we perform checks based on our product requirement and regulation.
    Please be advised that if we find your product not suitable with our "Compliance Policy", we may have to reject your submission.

  • 3 > Start Selling!

    After your product is approved, we will start distributing your product on both ImagineVR store and DLsite.

  • 4 > Recieve Monthly Payment Report

    You will receive monthly payment report from us. Once your total sales meets the minimum payment amount ($100), we send you a payment. If your minimum sales does not reach $100, you will receive the current total of the payment at the end of the year.

Let's Start Selling in Japan!

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